Stainless steel welding for the oil industry

4 July 2016
PW has designed and manufactured a special resistance welding system for VOC Holdings BV of Moergestel in the Netherlands. Designed for welding 2 x 2mm stainless steel on a coil line, the weld head has a throat depth of 1.2m and provides weld force of almost 1 tonne from its twin pack weld cylinder, with minimal deflection at the tips. Power comes from an Entron 600A inverter, delivering  ...Read more...

Servo power comes to welding

4 July 2016
The PW Joint Venture in Shanghai manufactures spot welding guns for many automotive manufacturers in the Chinese market. Recent successes include more than 200 servo driven weld guns supplied to Shanghai Automotive and General Motors. Typical weld gun shown here uses the PW 130kVA superlight transformer, with a servo ballscrew actuator providing the weld force. All designed ...Read more...

New factory in China

4 July 2016
PW’s joint venture with Sunke, China’s largest welding control manufacturer, has moved to new premises in Shanghai. To keep pace with the increasing market for the company’s robot spot welding guns, more space was necessary and the move allows expansion, while staying in touch with the Shanghai based automotive market. See  ...Read more...

Transformer sales boom

24 June 2016
The PW Joint Venture in Tianjin (China) sold almost 1,000 units last year, making it one of China’s largest specialist manufacturers. Established to manufacture ISO AC transformers and Medium Frequency transformers, mainly for robot weld gun use, the company sells to Far Eastern weld gun manufacturers. ...Read more...