Electrode tip dressing

The electrode tips are the most important component in any spot welding system. 9 times out of 10 spot weld quality problems can be traced to poor electrode tip dressing or maintenance.

By using correctly recommended electrode tips, adaptors and electrode holders from the PWRWP range and maintaining them regularly and correctly, users can ensure that weld failures are minimised and quality meets customers standards.

PW hand ratchet tool. Dresses from 3-8mm spots on centre, offset and angled electrode tips. Made from D2 tool steel

Manual Air Dresser - Dresses centre tips quickly and cleanly

Auto Dresser for robot applications, with swing in tools for static welders in high volume applications

The standard range offers spot diameters from 3mm to 8mm - covering most recommended welding diameters according to British Standards requirements. The ratchet tool is operated a few times for each tip and the face angle and spot diameter are one again restored to 'as new' condition.

For in-situ dressing a hand held tool is the most effective answer. (Files should never be used - it is not possible to dress accurately) The PWRWP tools are manufactured to a patented design from D2 tool steel material. They dress to correct spot diameter on the machine and will handle both straight and offset electrodes in most configurations.

For changing tips, the first problem can often be to remove the tip or cap from the welder. The PWRWP extractor is a strong forged steel construction, with a long lever action and will remove even the most stubborn caps and tips.